Partner Services

On demand partner services

Verisolve provide on demand services to our partners across Europe. We provide professional engineering and consultancy services to clients in both the UK and Europe – projects on which we have worked on include:

Implementing Red Hat Clusters for a SAP deployment for a Metropolitan Council.

Project involved building twelve two node Red Hat 6 clusters for a partner's SAP deployment. (This was the first time in the UK that SAP with a non oracle back end had been deployed on a Red Hat cluster)

Jboss Operations Network configuration for a European multi-national. A JON environment was configured with Bundles to assist with managing the day to day deployments within the client's environment.

RHEL 7 platform built for UK Bank. Our client decided to implement AB Initio as a middleware platform and required that Red Hat Enterprise linux be used as the platform. As RHEL 7.1 was about to be released it seemed the logical choice to install, configure and harden RHEL 7 for this purpose.

Satellite Server 6 Installed for Royal Mail. The UKs primary mail service were in the need of a Deployment tool to manage on of their new project deployments, Satellite server 6 was the perfect tool.

RHEL systems configured and hardened for local government. RHEL 6 systems were installed and hardened as desktop systems to manage the message alerts sent to the general public.